Arriving at the coast of Denia.

Buying real estate is an important project for a buyer. It is important to be well informed and verify several important points before making the real estate transaction, however, we can read some points to keep in mind before acquiring your property near the coast of Denia, from the hand of a real estate agent.

  • The general condition of the property: During a visit, it is important to observe the general condition of the accommodation. Some problems can be seen immediately, but others are not visible at first glance. Therefore, it is important to carry out at least one counter visit.
  • The exact cost of the acquisition: When searching for a property, the focus is primarily on the sale price of the property. However, we must not forget the notary fees that will be added to the latter.
  • The environment of the home: Choosing your accommodation also means choosing your environment. Therefore, you should be careful at this point so that you do not regret your purchase. Who says environment says reputation of the district, proximity to shops, schools or public transportation.
  • Taxes and charges: Buying real estate is synonymous with local taxes. More specifically the property tax and the housing tax.

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